Buyers Guide to: Cookers

Cookers are always at the heart of every kitchen and so there are many differnt styles and colours available. But what type should you go for, gas or electric; slot-in or range? we can help you decided with our cooker guide below.


Q. What types of cookers are available?

Slot-in, or free-standing, cookers are available as gas, electric or dual fuel and are usually either 500mm, 550mm or 600mm wide and are available with double oven or single ovens. For those with a larger kitchen and therefore more space then you may wish to consider a range cooker. These are available in width from 900mm – 1200mm and are have additional features such as wok burners and up to eight cooking zones. Range cookers are also available as all electric, all gas or dual fuel and many are available in a wide range of colours and designs

Hob choices included gas, ceramic, solid plate or induction, the latter can have the feature of pan recognition and can be programmed

Q. What energy saving features can I get on a cooker?

Whilst the efficiency of a cooker will largely depend on the type and amount of cooking you do, there are many features that will save of both time and money.

A Programme Timer allows you to set the on and off time so that you are not wasting any energy

Cookers with glass oven doors or viewing windows means that you don’t have to keep opening the door(s) to see how things are progressing, so you don’t lose the heat you would if you did open the door

Fan Ovens use less energy and work on reduced temperatures compared to non fan assisted ovens, which saves you time and energy

Q. What capacity oven should I look for?

Free standing cooker’s oven capacities are approx 45litres, 55litres or 65 litres. The more variation of cooking you will do the larger oven capacity will be more ideally suited. In addition the more shelf positions in an oven will give you greater control over your cooking needs. If you do a lot a cooking with different food at the same time then you may want to consider a large capacity, programmable and with a multi-function feature

Q. What’s the best way to keep the inside and outside of my cooker clean

Oven linings are either easy clean enamel, Catalytic which breaks down and absorbs grease, these linings can then be replaced at minimal costs. Top of the range models can also include Pyrolytic linings which, when the oven is heated up, reduces dirt, grease etc to a fine ash that simply wipes away 

The easiest type of hobs to keep clean are the ceramic and induction types, so whilst a gas hob may give you more control over your cooking, they do take more time to clean

Q. Who should instal my new cooker

ALL gas cookers or dual fuel cookers need to be installed by a registered GASSAFE (formerly known as CORGI) fitter and should NEVER be attempted by anyone else

Many Gas ovens have electronic ignition and LCD/LED digital display with programmable timers and therefore require connection to the electricity mains via a standard 3-pin plug. Wiring and pipe work is not usually supplied by the manufacturer

Electric cookers require connection to the 30-amp electric circuit and should be installed and connected by a professional electrician. Wiring is not normally supplied by the manufacturer

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