Buyers Guide to: Fridges and Freezers

Buying any cooling appliance will depend so much on many factors. The size of your family being the main reason for purchasing a particular type. In addition to which you need to take into account the space you have available and how often you intend to shop for food, both fresh and frozen. Large American Style Fridge Freezer look really good, but are of no use to you if you don't fill them, this will simply cost you money


Q. What types of Cooling appliance should I buy?

LARDER FRIDGE or REFRIGERATOR - These can be under the counter height or 'tall' which are approx 150 or 190cm high. A refrigerator has a small Ice box (or freezer) built-in, which will allow you to freeze and store food for certain lengths of time. If you have space for a separate fridge and freezer then go for a Larder Fridge which will give you more fresh food storage space. Most manufacturers do matching Larder Fridge and Freezer all with reversible doors.

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UPRIGHT FREEZERS - Again these are available as under the counter or 'tall' models. Many features that can be incorporated are designed for economy and efficiency (see below)

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CHEST FREEZERS - If you have limited space in your kitchen but have a garage or utility room then CHEST FREEZERS are ideal. These range from 100litre (approx 4.0cu.ft) capacity models up to 365litre. The more bulk buying of food you wish to do, the bigger the freezer you will need. Like wise if you do a lot of home baking and want to freeze it, then a chest freezer is ideally suited.

FRIDGE FREEZERS - These are available as those with small freezers, those with half and half split and large capacity American style side-by-side. Again depending on space available, size of family and how often you shop will dictate which is best suited for your needs

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Q. What size should I go for?

Fridge Freezers or separate fridges and freezers with a total capacity of up to 240litres are ideal for a small family or a couple and will hold approx 1 week's worth of food

For a medium sized family then up to 450litres with a 50/50 or 40/60 split would be more suited

For large families then an American Style side-by-side would suit. Many of these have both water and ice dispensers and some have drinks dispensers which is great when you have several young children in the houshold.

Q. Why should I pay more for a Fridge Freezer?

Generally speaking the more you pay the more features you get, many of which are designed for efficiency and economy of running.

FROST FREE is a feature you may find useful if you are going to freeze a lot of food yourself

ANTI-BACTERIAL PROTECTION - look for this feature if you have young children in the household

ELECTRONIC CONTROL - This feature allows you to have more control over the temperature the fridge or freezer is operating at, which can automatically adjust how it work, giving you better economy. Additionally, on larger fridges and freezers this electronic control means that different sections can operate at different temperatures

Q. What are the energy ratings and how do I know which to go for?

Energy ratings for domestic appliances range from A-G (‘A’ being the most efficient). Cooling products usually range from B-A++ (each + gives an additional 10% MORE efficiency). The more ECO features on a product the more efficient it will be, and therefore the higher Energy Rating

In addition, cooling products also have a Climate Class (see our Guide to Energy Labels and Climate Classes) which will show you the room temperature range an appliance is designed to work best in

Where given, we also show annual running costs (shown as Annual Energy Consumption in Kwh).