Buyers Guide to: Dishwashers


If you've ever thought of buying a dishwasher but have always been under the misconception that they waste water, then think again! A typical household uses over 60litres of water per day washing up three times. A fully loaded dishwasher, used once a day, uses a third of that amount.

But what other features will you need? Below is our guide to help you decide which is the best dishwasher for you and your family's needs.


Q. What size dishwasher is ideal for me and my family?

FULL SIZE DISHWASHERS..these offer 12-15 place settings, which is ideal for large families or couples who eat all their meals at home each day.

SLIMLINE DISHWASHERS...available in 7-10 place settings and are suited for couples with limited room in their kitchen.

COMPACT and TABLE TOP DISHWASHERS..Typically offering 5 or 6 place settings, these dishwashers are ideal for those who only have one meal a day at home, or for those who live alone.

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Q. What is as a place setting?

A place setting typically consists of a dinner plate, a soup or cereal bowl, side plate, tea/coffee cup and saucer, a medium sized tumbler, a knife and fork and a dessert spoon and tea spoon

Q. How much should I pay for a dishwasher?

Dishwashers typically range in price from £200-£650. The more you spend the more features and flexibility you get. If you have a large family or wash by hand presently more than 3 times a day then the more features you will need on your dishwasher. Top of the range models will have more adjustable baskets and cutlery racks, a larger capacity, more auto programmes and more efficient drying systems

Q. What are the energy ratings?

Energy ratings for domestic appliances range from A-G (‘A’ being the most efficient). Dishwashers usually range from B-A++ (each + gives an additional 10% MORE efficiency)

To gain all the benefits of a Class A++ machine you will need to use it correctly. So for instance if you have a large family and are wanting to wash on a regular basis then you will need, not only one with a 14-place setting, but a higher efficiency rating. Likewise this type of machine would be inefficient if you live on your own

Q. How else can a dishwasher save me money?

Dishwashers can have many features that could save you even more:

AUTO HALF LOAD: This feature will automatically detect the size of load and adjust water consumption, programme time and detergent accordingly

QUICK WASH:  Reducing the wash programmes temperature to 45°C will allow a full load to be washed in less than 30-minutes

DELAY TIMER: To allow you to take advantage of off-peak electricity costs, the Delay Time feature lets you set the machine for anything from 1-24hours