Buyers Guide to: Tumble Dryers

Tumble dryers are far more energy efficient than years ago, so now there is no excuse not to get your clothes soft and fluffy. Here we try to answer the many question that you may have to make it easier for you to decide which is the best model for your needs,  


Q. What types of Tumble Dryers are available?

Tumble Dryers are available in two sizes, full size and compact. Ful size are the same dimensions as free standing washing machines and are designed to match so they can be placed side-by-side. Compact Dryers are designed for those who are short of space and are approx half the size of a full size machine. In addition built-in and integrated druers are also available

Q. Should I get Vented or Condenser?

Vented dryers require a plastic venting hose (usually supplied) which can either be hung through an open window or attached to a more permanent vent kit (sold separately) which can be fitted to an outside wall. On the whole vented dryers cost less.

In condenser dryers the machine separates the water and moist air and either pumps this into a container that requires emptying after or out through the normal washing machine plumbing. Condenser dryers can be installed in any well ventilated room and do not require an outside wall

Q. Why should I spend more money on a Tumble Dryer?

In general the more money you spend the more features will be on the tumble dryer. These features include Sensor Drying, which stops the cycle once no futher moisture is detected, this can save you money. Higher Energy efficiency rating (see below).

Anti-Crease function which saves you time and money on ironing.

Electronic Control gives you more flexibilty with your drying, allowing a more economical drying cycle.

Time Delay. This allows you take advantage of cheaper off-peak electricity.

Q. What do the energy ratings mean?

All tumble dryers, as with all domestic appliances, have an Energy Efficiency and Performance Rating, which varies from A-G (‘A’ being the MOST efficient). Most tumble dryers range from C to A 

Generally the more money you spend the more efficient the tumble dryer will be.

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