Buyers Guide to: Microwave Ovens

Microwave ovens are not just for those with a busy lifestyle, but will have great benefits for those who just love cooking and want to have greater control over how they cook their favourite meals


Q. What types of microwave ovens are available?

Microwave only:  ideal for a small family or an individual or for those simple wanting to warm-up small amounts of food

Microwave and grill:  All the benefits of the standard microwave oven but with the advantage of a built-in grill/browner

Combination: A combi oven allows you more flexibility over the types of cooking you do

Most of these microwaves are available as free standing or built-in

Q. What size and power microwave should I buy?

This all depends on how much microwave cooking you intend to do and the size of your family. Microwaves are usually in two different capacity sizes. A COMPACT microwave will be approx 17litres capacity and a FAMILY SIZE approx 27/31litres

The power of a microwave is measured in watts. The more watts the quicker the microwave will cook/heat your food. Microwave power ranges from 800Watts – 1100 Watts

Q. What features on a microwave are worth me considering?

Many microwave ovens have features that will be a great benefit to especially those who will use there ovens for a lot of cooking

Auto Cook: This features means the microwave adjusts the time according to the weight of food to be cook. Very handy if you are cooking irregular shaped items. Chickens, joints of meat etc

Programmes: Many microwave ovens have any number of programmes on them. These pre-programmed times/temps for certain types of food and takes the ‘guess work’ out of setting times etc. In addition, some top models will have memory programmes which will memorise you favourite setting

Defrost: Models with a defrost feature means you can safely defrost food before either cooking in the microwave or in a conventional oven

Sensor Cooking: A superb feature for those cooking lots of different types of food. The sensor detects moisture in the food and adjusts time and temperatures accordingly, not only does this mean you’ll get better and more even results but it will save energy and you money

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