Our Buying Guides

Need some help on deciding what to buy? Check out our Buying Guides below. So whether you're looking for a new washer and can't work out what spin speed, what load size or energy rating you need, or which dishwasher will save you the most amount of money or water or which Fridge Freezer, Cooker or Tumble Dryer will suit your household needs the best, then our Guides will help you get the best product...just for you

Washing Machines
Which type of washing machine is best suited to you and your family's needs? We help you to decide

Slimline or full size? How many programmes? Find out all you need to know

Energy Efficiency Guide
Check out our guide to energy rating labels and climate classes

Fridges & Freezers
Keep your food cool and hygenic with our refrigeration guide

Gas or electric? What type of hob? Double or Single oven? We help you decide

Tumble Dryers
How to find out which is the most economical type of dryer

Microwave Ovens
Cooking made easy! But which one do you need?