iRobot ROOMBA 980 Robotic Bagless Cleaner Charge & Resume Home APP

Are you tired of lugging round a heavy vacuum cleaner, hunting for plug sockets or not having a long enough power cable? Why not get a robot to do the... Read more

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Key Features
Type Robotic
Collection Bagless
Operation Battery
Rechargeable more info
Battery Status Indicator more info
Running Time 120-minutes
Filter System HEPA
Multi-Room Navigation more info
Tools more info
Noise Level 61 dB
Manufacturer Guarantee 2 years parts & labour
Diameter 394 mm
Height 91 mm
Width -
Depth -
Weight 3 kg
Colour Black


Are you tired of lugging round a heavy vacuum cleaner, hunting for plug sockets or not having a long enough power cable? Why not get a robot to do the vacuuming instead? The iRobot Roomba 980 will revolutionise the way you clean. It takes all the effort out of vacuuming, giving you more time to enjoy the important things in life.

Impressive Technology

The Roomba 980 can easily clean every inch of your home thanks to its iAdapt 2.0 Navigation technology. An efficient cleaning pattern, coupled with sensors that can detect any furniture or obstacles, means you’re free to let your Roomba get on with the job

Visual Localisation helps the vacuum keep track of its location, ensuring it won’t go over areas it’s already cleaned too much.There are also cliff detection sensors, which mean there’s no risk of the cleaner falling down the stairs. It safely cleans the edge before continuing on its route

This model will run continuously for up to two hours, before automatically returning to its Home Base® docking station to recharge. Once its batteries are full again, it continues cleaning right where it left off.

Save Time with Scheduling

If you’re going to have unexpected guests visit, ensure your house is spotless – just start or schedule the Roomba 980 to clean up using the iRobot HOME App on your phone, anytime and anywhere. You can also choose custom cleaning preferences, giving you extra flexibility and choice.

Make sure you have a lovely clean home to return to after work by programming a schedule for the Roomba 980 to follow. Up to seven cleaning sessions can be scheduled per week.

Versatile Cleaning

No matter what floor type you have, the Roomba 980 can clean up dirt, dust or spillages efficiently and quietly. It automatically adjusts to the type of surface it encounters and can clean carpets, tiles, hardwood and laminate floors with ease.

The AeroForce Cleaning System automatically increases the power when cleaning carpet, to remove any ingrained dirt and dust. Hard to reach areas such as corners and wall edges are accessible too – spinning side brushes sweep any debris straight into the path of the Roomba’s three-stage cleaning system.

Its small size and flat shape make the Roomba 980 easy to store and help it clean hard-to-reach areas underneath sofas, chairs and sideboards.

Allergy Sufferers and Pet Owners Rejoice

Pet hair isn’t a problem for the Roomba 980, as the brushless extractors ensure it can’t build up and cause a blockage.

Thanks to the HEPA-style Filter, visitors with allergies won’t suffer needlessly. This traps pollen, dust and dirt, so the air released is fresh and clean.

Vacuuming needn’t be a chore with the fun and innovative Roomba 980

Learn all MORE about the ROOMBA 980 HERE >

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