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Internet Radios

Internet Radios use the same wireless technology as portable computers to access radio stations from across the world, listen when you want with catch-up radio, and enjoy a great selection of podcasts – all on a device which looks, feels and sounds like a radio.

What's more, internet radios are much more energy efficient than listening on a computer, or through your TV. With an internet radio you can enjoy the following great content away from your PC.

  • A world of global, national and local radio stations – some familiar and some brand new. Whatever you're passionate about, there's a station to match.

  • Your favourite shows when you want them from broadcasters, like the BBC, who have a catch-up service.

  • Thousands of podcasts available anytime, including comedy, sports chat, current affairs, language learning, kids stories, and much more.

  • Music streamed from a Wi-Fi enabled computer or network storage device.

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