Electric Bikes

Electrical Discount UK has always provided top quality technology and innovative products. E-Bikes are the new MUST HAVE technology, and you won't be surprised to know that we supply the best 

Nordic design for the discerning biking enthusiast.

Witt e-bikes are electric bicycles designed in Scandinavia, especially for the Nordic weather and with a Scandinavian sense of quality and design.They are the result of a collaboration with one of the most award-winning manufacturers of electric bikes in the World, as well as sublime, German technology and Swiss Engineering.

Everything has been meticulously planned, considered, tried and tested to make sure that YOU, the modern consumer, can enjoy riding a real top quality e-bike!


Our mission is to provide the coolest electric bikes on the market and making sure that YOU will arrive fresh, energized and stylish. Whether you need a small boost in your everyday life, when commuting or giving it all you’ve got in the terrain… this is where you’ll find your new electric bike!