FAQs - Purchasing

How do I find the item I am looking for?

There are two ways to find a particular item. Firstly, if you know the make and model number of the item, simply type that into the search box at the top of the page. (i.e. Panasonic TX58EX700B).

Secondly, if you don't know the exact model number but know the type (i.e Panasonic LED Television) then you can use our menu system. In this instance click the 'TV.DVD & Blu-ray' button then either select LED from the drop down menu or wait till the 'TV, DVD & Blu-ray' page loads then select from the list(s) option. This will then show a listing of ALL LED TVs. You will now be able to refine your search by select from Type/Brand/Screen Size/Price/Features etc. You will now see a list of your selection, which you can then view either by price or by Brand (depending on your selection). Once you see the item you want click the ‘View Details’ button to see full specification and product details.

Can I add more items to my basket ?

Yes. Just like you would do in a Supermarket, once you've added an item to your basket it will remain there so that you can go to other sections of our website to purchase other products.

Can I add accessories ?

Yes. Each product's page will show a list of accessories applicable for that product, which you can add to your basket. So for instance if you've purchased a 37inch LCD TV you will find you can add a Wall Bracket, Cabinet, HDMi Lead or even a matching blu-ray player.

The item I want is out of stock, what can I do ?

If an item is out of stock you can still order the item and we will advice on the expected in-coming date. Alternatively, you can call us, during office hours, on 01282 443850

Alternatively you will see of the product's page an alternative item, this maybe a choice of the same make, same colour, size or features depending on your initial selection of product. If this alternative is not what you're looking for simply follow the search facility described above.

I have a Discount Code, how do I use it ?

Discount Codes are available from many sources, such as Price Comparator websites. You will need to follow the link from that site to your product of choice. When you add the item to your basket then proceed to the check-out you will see a blank text box for you to type in the code. The price of your item will then be re-calculated to take this discount into account.

Do I have to register to purchase ?

Yes. This means that you will not need to put in any of your details when you purchase again from us. Registering is quick and simple and means you set-up your own account, which you can alter at any time by logging in using the details you first gave us.

Can I add items to my basket then purchase later ?

Yes. We appreciate that sometimes customers are looking at a product, but need to show it to wife/husband/partner etc before purchasing. Add the item you are looking at to your Shopping Basket then click the SAVE ORDER option. You will be prompted to leave your email address and a password. Later on simply Login with those details and go to the BASKET.

See our PRIVACY POLICY for full details of how we use these details and how they are safely stored.