FAQs - Security

How safe are my personnel details when I am shopping with EDUK?

We work very closely with 21 Digital (our service provider), and Comodo  to ensure that all your personal details are kept safe, both through-out your transaction and in our database. We use SSL (Secure Server Lock) Technology to encrypt  your personal details.

What actually happens to my details?

The information you input into our system in the shopping cart is then encrypted and sent to our secure server. When you enter the shopping cart you will notice that the URL (web address) in your web browser changes from http:// to https://, showing you that you have entered a secure site. In addition a small lock symbol will appear in the information bar of your browser, showing that sever lock technology is in place. On the secure server the information is then decoded for the order process to continue.

Are my details stored ?

Yes. All details such as your name/address etc are encryted and stored on our secure server, so that there can be no un-authorised access to these details. We DO NOT store credit card details on our server as all payments are made through SECURE TRADING on-line trading, so should you make another purchase from us or for any additions or refunds regarding your original purchase, then we will need to obtain your credit card details from you again.