Hotpoint ActiveCare

Best-in-class for stain removal, our innovative ActiveCare technology takes care of your clothes by removing more than 100 stains at just 20°C*, so you can wear your favourite clothes time and time again.


A glass of red wine is what we all need after a long hard day at work but this luxury can soon be a nightmare when it spills down you favourite white top. However, ActiveCare eliminates this stain, bringing your t-shirt back to life.


Whether it's a chocolate bar, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, these stains on your clothes can not be so tasteful. With ActiveCare you can easily remove these unwanted brown stains at a low temperature of 20°C.


Ketchup can be very hard to remove from your clothing. With our ActiveCare washing machines the most toughest of stains can be removed.


No matter what, kids always manage to get stubborn grass stains on their clothes, which are a nightmare to get rid of. With ActiveCare's intelligent technology the most stubborn of stains can be removed.


Any woman knows that creating a make-up stain on your clothes is a lot easier than getting rid of it. However, with the help of our ActiveCare technology those annoying lipstick marks can be eliminated.

The Active Mousse massages the cleanliness back into your clothes by pre-mixing the water and detergent before it touches your clothes, for up to +60% of the cleaning power at just 20°C**. Pre-mixing the water and detergent creates a mousse that is able to penetrate the fibres of your clothes more quickly, eliminating the pre-treat process of your wash.
Active Drum technology features a brushless inverter motor that creates 10 different drum motions during a single wash cycle, each one specifically designed to treat a variety of stains, so stains can be eliminated from your laundry in just one-wash.
Active Load technology uses just the right amount of water and time for the perfect wash, keeping energy use to a minimum. Every washing phase, from the beginning of the cycle until final rinse, is set automatically to ensure the minimum amount of time, energy and water used without compromising on performance
ActiveCare's steam features, Steam Hygiene and Steam Refresh reboot the hygiene and freshness back into your clothes, in the most natural way.

Steam Refresh provides a dedicated cycle to freshen clothes taking just 20 minutes with steam penetrating deep into fabrics. Steam hygiene option injects steam directly into the drum at the end of washing cycle, removing up to 99.9% of the most common bacteria.