Spin Dryers

When space is at a premium in your household and the wet weather is hindering you from hanging your washing out on the line maybe a spin dryer is what you need!

There are two models available on the market, one being a gravity spin and the other a pump version, both spin at over 2500 RPM to quickly get the moisture out of your wet clothes.

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  1. Indesit ISDG428  - Gravity Drain Spin Dryer has a 2800rpm spin speed stainless steel drum and a safety door/lid. Gravity drainage via spout and a large 4kg(9lb) capacity. 

    Also features 2 carrying...

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  2. With a 2800 rpm spin, the Indesit ISDP429 spin dryer will do it all for you, drying your clothes in no time – as little as 90 seconds to be precise. The 4kg drum is able to handle up to 12 shirts at one time, and the top loading...

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