LG SkyQ Offer

Purchase a qualifying 2019 LG OLED Television (W9, E9, C9, B9) from 23.10.2019 to 23.1.2020  (“Promotional Period”) and claim on www.tvoffer.sky.com  to redeem a discounted 18 month Sky TV Entertainment package (subject to availability – see table below). Please note, there may be additional charges associated with setup – see terms below. 

Claim Deadline 23.02.2020

LG OLED Models Offer

Entertainment/HD/QMS (RRP £40 p/m)- Free for 18 months – a saving of £720



Entertainment/HD/QMS (RRP £40 p/m)- 50% off for 18 months – a saving of £360



Entertainment/HD/QMS (RRP £40 p/m)- 33% off for 18 months- a saving of £236.70


LG reserves the right to end this promotion prior to the completion of the Promotional Period, where the availability levels in the table above have been met. LG also reserves the right to amend these terms and the availability of the above offers at its discretion.

Set-up costs: Sky Q 2TB box:

-          New customers: £50;

-          existing Sky customers £10 admin fee (unless you have a Sky+HD box, in which case, you will need to pay up to £50 to upgrade to Sky Q)

These costs are for standard set-ups, non-standard set-ups may cost extra. These set-up costs are non-refundable in the event you return your television and/or the redeemed offer no longer applies. Should you have any questions on set-up, please contact Sky.

Upgrading to Sky Q. New 18 month minimum term applies (prices may change during your minimum terms).  Standard prices apply after 18 months (currently: Sky Entertainment: £27pm; HD Pack: £5pm and Q Experience: £13pm. You must keep all three packs for 18 months and the LG TV to benefit from this offer.

If TV is returned or pack/s are removed you will pay standard in-contract prices for the remaining packs (currently: Sky Entertainment: £22; HD Pack: £5; Q Experience: £13).

Offer applies to 2019 LG OLED TVs only (models W, E, C and B) Claimants can only claim one offer per purchase of a Qualifying Product