Out of this World Experiences

Marking Samsung's 50th Birthday and 50 years since man landed on the moon!

Purchase any qualifying TV and you can enter a prize draw with a CHANCE to WIN one of the Out of this World Experiences

1. Out of this World Experience

To celebrate this “Out of this World innovative technology” you can win one of these “Out of this World Experiences”


Experience Examples

Experiences range from 2-4 people holidays: including a trip to Kennedy’s Space Centre (worth £8,000) to a weekend break in Bordeaux (£2,000)




2. 50% OFF Soundbar Redemption

Purchase any of the below Samsung TVs and you will be entitled to purchase any the listed Soundbars within 30-days and claim 50% of the value of the Soundbar

Soundbar QLED TV's LED TV's
HWQ90R QE55Q950 UE49RU8000
HWQ80R QE65Q950 UE55RU8000
HWQ70R QE75Q950 UE65RU8000
HWQ60R QE82Q950 UE43RU7410
HWR550 QE55Q85 UE50RU7410
HWR530 QE65Q85 UE43RU7400
HWR450 QE75Q85 UE50RU7400
HWR430 QE55Q80 UE55RU7400
QE65Q80 UE65RU7400
QE75Q80 UE49RU7300
QE49Q70 UE55RU7300
QE55Q70 UE65RU7300
QE65Q70 UE43RU7100
QE75Q70 UE50RU7100
QE82Q70 UE55RU7100
QE43Q60 UE65RU7100
QE49Q60 UE75RU7100
QE43LS03 The Frame
QE55LS03 The Frame
QE65LS03 The Frame

3. Out of this World Movies

For anyone who enters the Out of this World Experience prize daw, will be instantly rewarded with a/multiple 4K movies through Rakuten .

Rakuten is launching HDR10 + in October with movies incl Fantastic Beasts, Aquaman , A Star is Born, Godzilla, LEGO Movie 2.