Advice Centre - Jargon Buster

Manufacturers very often use some wonderful names and words to describe features on their products. And because, sometimes, you need to know exactly what a feature does to help you make up your mind as to whether you need that feature or not, here we tell you what it all means

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This mode allows films to be watched as intended by the director for the big screen, at 24 frames per second. Until now, movies watched at home play back 'faster' than they do in the cinema. When a film is shown on TV or sold on DVD it has to be adjusted to be compatible with the PAL format. The difference is that films are shot at a rate of 24 frames per second, whereas standard TV uses 25 frames per second.

6th Sense Washing

Guarantees perfect washing result ('A' Washing class) with the lowest water and energy consumption in the shortest possible time. 6th Sense technology saves up to 30% time, water and energy.

6th Sense Cooling

6th Sense technology senses, adapts and controls, detecting temperature rises and directing chilled air to the affected area to restore to correct levels up to 5 times faster than normal fridges, ensuring your food looks, smells and tastes very fresh.

A.I.R. Cooling

The Advanced Integrated Refrigeration system maintains a constant fridge temperature too keep food fresher for longer.


The AllShare (powered by DLNA) feature allows the TV and Blu-ray player to wirelessly connect to DLNA certified devices such as laptops, cameras and mobile phones using a wireless LAN adaptor. This means you can share movies, photos and music through a single device – your TV and Blu-ray player. This removes the need to copy media onto a USB storage device and then connect the USB to the TV.

Antibacterial Protection

Antibacterial protection is built into the fridge liners eliminate bacteria and prevent the build up of mould, giving you peace of mind and a safer environment for storing food.

BD Live

BD-Live allows you to connect directly to the internet and download additional content from websites to an SD Memory Card, or built-in memory, for new forms of enjoyment. Also you could join in quizzes and challenge each other to interactive games.


Blue laser technology enables up to 50GB storage - five times the capacity of a DVD and 35 times the capacity of a CD. That's room for nine hours of High Definition quality, 23 hours of SD, or tens of thousands of songs.

Catalytic Liners

Catalytic liners absorb fat splashes inside your oven and then burn them away at high temperatures

CHAOS Defrost

Panasonic's unique defrosting system, using random pulses of energy, means drastically reduced defrosting times


DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting. DAB is a digital radio system. It offers near CD-quality sound, more stations, additional radio and data services


With DivX support, you will be able to enjoy DivX encoded videos in the comfort of your living room. The DivX media format is an MPEG-4 based video compression technology that enables you to save large files like movies, trailers and music videos on media like CD-R/RW, Memory Cards and DVD-Video. This player can play DivX video files burned on CD-R/RW/ROM discs.


DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) enables consumers to watch various contents such as movie, music and photos stored in your PC. DLNA-compatible devices are only available.

Dolby Pro-Logic

Dolby Pro-Logic is a surround sound system utilising two front speakers, on a TV these are built-in, two rear satellite speakers and a centre, or dialogue speaker, giving high quality sound to feature films and many ‘off-air’ broadcasts.

Energy rating

The energy rating on all washers, dryers, refrigeration etc is a standard of rating how efficient the item works in terms of energy used. The rating is A-G, (A being the most efficient). You can learn more about Energy Labels HERE >

Flame Failure Device

Cookers and hobs fitted with Flame Failure Devices, or FSDs, are fitted with Thermocouplers, gas is cut off at the source if the flame fails - suitable for flats, apartments and other multi occupancy buildings

Freeview & Freeview HD

FREEVIEW is the free digital service providing over 30 free digital TV channels, over 20 digital radio stations plus a new whole world of interactive services. It’s broadcast from transmitters and received via a rooftop aerial.

Freesat & Freesat HD

The BBC and ITV bring you FREESAT, a brand new digital satellite TV service offering free HD TV programming at no extra cost. FREESAT has no monthly subscription, just a one-off payment for the digital box, satellite dish and installation or integrated into TV - so you pay once, and watch forever. And because FREESAT is broadcast via satellite, it'll be available to almost every household in the UK.

Frost Free PLUS

Two separate fans for the fridge and the freezer provide the ultimate frost free system. An intelligent adaptive sensor saves energy by constantly monitoring frost growth. The fan in the fridge ensures even chilling while the fan in the freezer prevents the build up of ice, so you will never have to defrost again.


HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) is a new interface standard for digital transmission of video and audio signals. With HDMI, the signals are not compressed. Transmission is direct and "pure" - free of the degradation and noise that occur with analog signal transmission. This new interface supports image resolution all the way up to 1125p

Hz Motion

Hz Motion technology estimates and inserts an extra frame between frames to create a more comfortable viewing experience. The extra frames make images appear seamless to your eyes, and eliminates the motion judder and image blurring that can occur when watching movies and sports. Even the fastest action scenes are presented with precision and clarity. Televisions Hz rating range from 50hz to 2600hz

Internet Television

Televisons that are Internet enabled allow you to browse the internet, update your social media status, using either built-in LAN connection or an additional dongle


Microwave ovens with Inverter Technology give a constant power for more even & faster cooking

iPod Dock

Expand the scope of your iPod listening experience. Listen to the full collection of music in your iPod through LG’s powerful speakers while recharging your iPod. Use LG’s remote control to shuffle through your music library and quickly find your music. You can also easily hook-up not only iPod but also i-Phone

LEDTower Lighting

LED Tower Lighting built into the back of the fridge saves space and illuminates every corner, making it easier to identify and locate items within the fridge.


Cooling air flows out through multiple outlets on every shelf, providing even cooling throughout the refrigerator, as well as quickly cooling the refrigerator back down to its optimal temperature after the door has been opened. By keeping the temperature steady, your food is kept safely chilled and better preserved.

Multi-Media Card

A Multi-Media Card, SD or Memory Stick, allows you to record data and info onto the card and transfer to other items with this feature. With a DV camcorder you could record still images onto the card, then transfer, via an SD connection on your PC or laptop.

Pyrolytic Cleaning

Pyrolytic Cleaning is method of cleaning the interior of the oven by high temperature. During this operation the oven door locks automatically


The Quattron is Sharp’s unique 4 primary colour system that integrates an X-Gen panel and an LED backlight to deliver unprecedented reality in natural colour gradations for a high-precision picture with low power consumption.

R600a Refrigerant

R600a Refrigerant is the latest type of cooling refrigerant and is recyclable without damaging the ozone layer or contributing to global warming


Radio Data System gives information on screen, such as the name of the Radio Station or, where broadcast, the name of the song/artist.


A SCART connection on TV’s DVD’s VCR’s and Digiboxes allows you to have a direct link. No need to tune. To be able to listen to stereo from a DVD. VCR or Digibox you will need a SCART lead connected between the item and your TV

Steam Refresh

Perfect if your clothes just need to be refreshed rather than washed. When selecting the Refresh cycle a 10 minute steam programme is used that removes odours and smells thanks to the deep penetration of the steam in the fabric. After hanging the clothes for 10 min they are ready to wear. If necessary clothes can be ironed easily after the cycle as they will be very slightly damp.


Steam molecules-1,600 times smaller than water-go deep into fibres, fluff them up, and remove ingrained dirt

Super Cool Function

Putting new food in your fridge increases the temperature inside, so your fridge has to work harder to cool down. Super cool prepares your fridge, rapidly reducing temperature of new groceries down to 2°C.


Found on Digital DAB and Internet enabled radios, you can pause and control scrolling text, giving you time to note down web addresses, competition phone numbers or track titles etc..


Zanussi's patented Thermaflow® system, offers true fan cooking. The fan-operated system will ensure an even temperature throughout the oven for perfect batch baking every time. A fan draws air over a round element in the back of the oven cavity and circulates warm air through specially placed ducts. Thermaflow® saves time and energy by heating up quickly and cooking at a lower temperature setting than a conventional oven. The way the air flows around the oven means that there is no transfer of the flavours, so you can pop in some garlic bread with a cake!

Time Slip

The Time Slip function allows you to record and playback at the same time, you can also view a programme before it has finished recording the end, and pause a live TV programme then continue from where you left off while recording to the end.

Total No Frost

No Frost prevents the build up of ice, meaning you will never have to defrost your freezer again, saving you time and keeping your food fresher for longer.

Twin Cooling

Samsung’s unique Twin Cooling™ system keeps the fridge and freezer compartments completely separate and cools each with its own evaporator, ensuring cold air from the freezer cannot travel into the fridge. This means the fridge retains its high humidity level of 43%, which is essential for preserving the freshness and flavour of your food

USB 2.0

USB 2.0 is the latest high-speed connection giving you a transfer rate of 480 Mbit/sec. Most MS Windows XP operating system PC's have USB 2.0 built-in


VESA (Video Electronics Standard Association) is intended to provide industry standard wall mount brackets for flat panel TV's.

Water & Ice Dispenser

The water and ice dispenser provides continuous filtered water and crushed or cubed ice at the touch of a button, and has now been made even taller to accommodate taller glasses or pitchers. The healthy water filter system ensures that water and ice from the refrigerator will always be clean and fresh, making the fridge more space efficient as storing bottled water becomes a thing of the past


Many items such as TV's Blu-ray Home Cinema, iPod Docks have WiFi, either built-in, or are WiFi Ready (additional dongle required). WiFi allows you to connect this device to other WiFi enabled products you have without the need for wires.

Wireless DNLa

Wireless DNLA (Digital Living Network Alliance) turns the TV into a digital media palyer so you can watch video and view pictures saved on your PC. A wired or wireless route pairs the TV and DNLA certified equipment like laptops, PCs and even Samsungs Omnia mobile phone, so content can be streamed from one to another. DNLA removes the need to copy media onto a USB storage device and then connect the USB to the TV.


x.v.Colour delivers almost twice as many colours as the full RGB palette. x.v.Colour enables much more realistic images to be presented on-screen, although you'll need to own a High Definition TV to see them at their best.