Advice Centre - What Is A Smart TV

What is a SMART TV?

Whilst they have been around on the market for a few years, many consumers are still asking the question; what is a Smart TV? Well, Smart TVs are essentially Internet ready televisions that offer access to a limitless world of entertainment in a way that is easy and fun. Enjoy movies, TV, games, videos and apps. Basically, internet connected TVs make entertaining yourself and the rest of the family easier than ever.

Get the best of the internet direct to your TV without a computer. Access the best TV from the past seven days using content on demand services such as BBC iPlayer, chat to friends on Facebook and Twitter, watch YouTube videos, stream movies and surf the web via the built-in browser.

Increase the capabilities of your Smart TV by installing apps from the manufacturers’ App stores, get your favourite music, videos and photos on the big screen with Smart Sharing, whilst controlling the whole experience with a point and click from a Magic Remote or through voice and gesture controls.

What is SMART TV Share?

Share music, videos and photos stored on your desktop PC, laptop or smartphone with Smart Share. Either, connect your device via USB or DLNA - a file compatibility standard designed to ease the frustration of incompatible media files.

What is SMART TV Interaction?

New sophisticated Smart Interaction technology enables you to operate your TV without pushing a button. You can easily control functions such as turning on / off your TV, changing channels, accessing apps and navigating the web, using simple voice commands and motions.

Built-in camera with face recognition technology lets you log on to Smart Hub and access your personal accounts, with no need to type in your ID or password. Experience a new hassle free and intuitive way to interact with your TV.

What is SMART TV Social Centre?

Take control of your Twitter and Facebook accounts without having to fire up your laptop. Social Centre app lets you chat with friends and followers direct from your SMART TV – even whilst you are watching a film or programme. You can now share a film or programme with someone at the other side of the world and discuss it in real time, without the need for a laptop or smartphone.

What is SMART TV Skype?

If you're a regular Skype user you know the advantages of free video calls to friends and family from near and far. But what about making calls via your TV screen from the comfort of your armchair, all in glorious HD? Smart TVs either have a built-in camera, or are Skype camera ready; allowing you and your family to communicate with other Skype users, without having to huddle around a laptop.