iWeech iWEECH White Electric SMART Bike with Ai 24inch Wheels White

THE FIRST ELECTRICAL BIKE WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.  iWeech is made in a minimalistic design appealing to a broad audience. Its looks and functionality are simple yet highly advanced. Because the less buttons or levers you have to manage, the...

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Key Features

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Frame Aluminium
Wheel Size 24inch
Charging Time 3.5Hours
Operating Time 200km (on intelligent mode)
Battery BMZ UR-V7 36V/13.8AH, 497kWh
Motor Brose Drive T, 36v 250Watts Torque
Brakes Tektro HDT275, 2 Hydraulic Disc Brakes Front and Rear
Rims Aluminium
Tyres Schwalbe BIG APPLE Race Guard 50-507
Saddle iWeech
Crank Set Miranda Aluminium
Fork Carbon
Light Supernova LED
Guarantee 2 years on the E Bike, 1 year on Battery
Product Weight 18.50kg
Height 0.00mm
Width 0.00mm
Depth 0.00mm

Product Details


iWeech is made in a minimalistic design appealing to a broad audience. Its looks and functionality are simple yet highly advanced. Because the less buttons or levers you have to manage, the more the free spirit you have to enjoy the city and to focus on your driving for a maximum of safety. Its compact and light. The iWeech One Click Rotation stem and retractable pedals saves you up to 30% space making it highly portable in tight spaces whether while commuting or when storing your bike.

WE INVENTED THE SMARTBIKE - Because riding in the city must above all be synonymous with pleasure and serenity, we wanted to offer a bike that is very easy to use. Indeed, the less you have to deal with, the more you have the freedom of mind to enjoy the ride and ensure your safety.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, iWeech learns from each journey by integrating many parameters. Thus, iWeech can predict not only your next trip, but also the level of assistance you will need for ideal comfort and the associated need for energy.

iWeech employs a high quality Brose Drive T 250 Watt 70Nm torque mid hub motor giving you a flawless riding experience.

100% AUTOMATIC - iWeech actively and intuitively manages the energy to always guarantee enough battery to assist you until you reach your destination eliminating the need of displays and gears.

RIDE WITH PEACE OF MIND…Forget the usual approximate information on range such as % of available battery or km remaining... Iweech is the only bike that provides clear, precise and real-time information about the destination you can really reach, based on your need for comfort, the topography of the environment and the level of energy available in your battery. This way you can easily see the limits of your autonomy according to the level of assistance expected: OPTI (maximum comfort), ECO (limited speed), etc.

THE EASIEST BIKE TO ACCESS - The iWeech iButton allows you to control and switch between the different modes; iRide and Free ride. It also indicates if it is low on battery and warns component problems. 

100% guaranteed Always enough energy to arrive

100% automatic Intuitive assistance - 

iRide mode will, regardless of the amount of energy available on start, let iWeech apply the appropriate level of assistance in real time and will always guarantee you enough energy to reach destination with the best possible comfort.

Free ride mode lets you decide and manage the battery capacity.

iWEECH ONE CLICK ROTATION STEMAllows you by one click to unlock the stem in order to parallel align the handlebar with the frame reducing up to 30% of space. iWeech is the perfect commuting bike fitting into small spaces whether bringing it along in a bus or train or storing it until your next commute.

Auto-ignition Supernova led 205 lumen lights providing brilliant illumination for safety and visibility. Waterproof for all weather conditions and extremely resilient – never letting you in the dark.

SECURITY - Your iWeech bike is always surveilled by using its Anti-theft protection system with 3 levels of security: Electronic lock of vital functions (motor and battery) - Motion detection system combined with powerful integrated alarm plus, SMS alert, GPS tracking of the bike. Also iWeech is supplied with Anti-theft bolts and nuts making it hard for anyone to disassemble vital parts of the bike